Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is an official, long range planning document that provides policy guidance for future growth, development, land use, infrastructure, and services. Texas Local Government Code states that Comprehensive Plans “are for the purpose of promoting sound development of municipalities and promoting public health, safety, and welfare.” (Sec. 213.001).

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Why is the City updating the comprehensive plan?

It is important to review and modernize Comprehensive Plans periodically in order to meet the changing goals and needs of a community. This update to the comprehensive plan is needed in order to prepare for the anticipated employment and population growth to San Antonio. The current projected growth is expected to reach up to 1.1 million new residents, 500,000 new jobs, and 500,000 new dwelling units by 2040.

How does the City use the comprehensive plan?

The plan is used as a guide for making official decisions regarding growth and development. Specifically, the Comp Plan will be used to provide concrete goals and action plans to ensure strategic growth and the preservation of San Antonio’s character, while improving quality of life for all.

How will the community participate?

There will be community open houses, advisory groups, and online polling and surveys to provide feedback about SA Tomorrow.

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What is the schedule for public involvement?

See the Process + Schedule page

Who is involved in the comprehensive planning process?

  • San Antonians
  • Department of Planning & Community Development (San Antonio, TX)
  • MIG Inc. – Moore Iacofano Goltsman (Boulder, CO)
  • PB – Parsons Brinckerhoff (San Antonio, TX)
  • EPS – Economic & Planning Systems (Denver, CO)
  • Ximenes and Associates (San Antonio, TX)

How can I stay informed and involved about SA Tomorrow?

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