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The City of San Antonio’s Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is developing the City’s first modern Comprehensive Plan to implement the SA2020 report, a strategic vision for the city that identifies the community’s desire to support economic development and new jobs while fostering community arts, education, health and culture.

View the Community Guide to the Comprehensive Plan to gain a better understanding: English or Spanish.


The SA2020 vision and movement originated with a series of public forums in 2010 to develop goals for improving San Antonio by the year 2020. Thousands of San Antonians participated in the visioning process, culminating in a detailed report released in 2011 that outlined a bold vision for San Antonio's future.

  • Buidling on SA2020, the City fo San Antonio is planning for a much longer term - 2040. By then, our City is expected to be more populous - over 1 million additional residents.
  • SA Tomorrow is an innovative, three-pronged planning effort to guide the city toward strategic, sustainable growth.
  • The SA Tomorrow approach includes EVERYONE, especially YOU, and will address issues of importance to the entire community including transportation, jobs, housing, air and water quality, and energy efficiency.
  • The City of San Antonio is leading the effort, with support from partnering agencies, and we want YOU on the team.
  • Please join us as we explore the future, plan to accommodate this growth, and preserve our resources and quality of life.


The comprehensive plan (SA Tomorrow) builds upon the SA2020 vision. The goals of this project are to:

  • Update the 1997 Master Plan Policies
  • Implement SA2020…and beyond
  • Confirm the community’s vision for the future
  • Articulate the form of future physical growth
  • Accommodate and distribute projected growth
  • Guide strategic decision making – annexation and transportation planning
  • Guide infrastructure investments and incentives
  • Reconcile existing plans, policies, and assumptions

View the DRAFT issues, goals and policies here

Policy Areas

The SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan will address the following nine policy areas.

  1. Transportation & Connectivity
  2. Housing
  3. Green and Healthy Neighborhoods & Communities
  4. Public Facilities & Community Safety
  5. Historic Preservation
  6. Military
  7. Natural Resources & the Environmental
  8. Jobs & Economic Competitiveness
  9. Implementation/Codification Actions

View the Policy Papers here

Neighborhood Place Types

The goal of the neighborhood place types are to rethink San Antonio's city form. Read more about the place types here.

Other Concurrent Plans

Please go to the SA Tomorrow website for more information on the concurrent Sustainability and Multimodal Transportation Plans. View the SA Tomorrow Factsheet.